Shriram School accentuates its activity-based curriculum with

Spoken English: Children are encouraged to speak what is seen or heard with emphasis on correct English pronunciation.

Art Work: We have established a do-what- you- please Art activity for the enjoyment of children. They are trained and guided to use watercolors, and shade with pencils of all hues.

Music and Movement: A state-of-the-art, Yoga and Dance for developing rhythm, melody, and flexibility has been established.

Games and Sports: An athletic arena and an indoor games center function mainly to provide a wide range of hobbies while encouraging sports.

Excursions and Entertainment: School is fun within and it is fun even outdoors. Our teachers arrange cultural events in the school, training our children and encouraging total participation in Fancy Dress Extravaganzas, Regional Dance Programmes, Festival Functions, recreational activities, skits, plays, and group performances.